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Stand out from the crowd with Bali handmade bamboo clothes

When it comes to summer fashion, the focus has long been tipped towards women. With our menswear brand Tropikal, we decided to change this. Understanding that men, too, needed stylish holiday looks and tropical beachwear, we created a line of clothing that both looks and feels great for those hot sunny days.

Our shirts and t-shirts are beach-to-bar ready, featuring signature prints that speak of our love for Bali and island life, bringing together Balinese artists, screen-printers, pattern-makers, and master tailors.

What is truly unique about our Bali-based fashion startup is our commitment to sustainable fashion. Our collections use certified 100% organic bamboo fabric.


Beyond being eco-friendly, bamboo fabric is a heat-regulating, moisture-wicking, and anti-microbial material, as well as being supremely soft to the skin.


This makes it the ultimate hot-weather companion perfect for a day out at the beach, by the pool, at the bar, or even on those hot summer dance floors.

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